MTG Island

Sell Your Cards to MTG Island

If you would like to sell us your MTG collection, singles, complete sets, sealed product or accessories, please:

1) SUBMIT YOUR LIST: Email with the complete list of cards you would like to sell. We buy singles, sets, collections, sealed product and just about anything Magic related. Please let us know which currency you prefer to receive your payment in (USD$ or CAD$)

2) RECEIVE AN OFFER: We will email you our offer for the list you submitted.

3) CONFIRM & MAIL THE CARDS: If you like our offer, please confirm it with us and then mail the cards to the address provided when we agree on the price and confirm your sell list. Submissions must be received within 10 business days otherwise prices may be adjusted or the order may be returned at our discretion. Please package the cards carefully including toploaders and a padded envelop for singles or tightly packing bulk cards together so that there is no room for them to move.
NOTE: Do not ship cards loosely in an envelop or box as they will be damaged and promptly returned to you

4) PAYMENT: Once the cards are received, they will be inspected to ensure correct quantities have been submitted and the condition is as specified. Payment will be issued via PayPal (you will receive less than the finalized total after PayPal fees), cheque or email money transfer (over $100 only).